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Why Choose
Magic Box Solutions?

MBS has the tools to take your business to the next level. Whether you want to improve

customer engagement and tracking or need a comprehensive customer service platform,

we can help. Take a look at our demo video to see the type of services we offer.

We Stay On Top Of Tech Trends

Digital technology is one of the fastest-moving business segments in the world, with new frameworks, software, and hardware released almost every day. That is why we highly value staying on top of all the technology trends. We take great pride in challenging ourselves to keep every team sharp, with up-to-date training and seminars on best practices. This ensures that our customers will always get the best service. Our clients can also stay on top of current trends by looking at our Insights.


We Treat Our Customers Like Family

We work as part of the client's team, focusing on understanding the customer's problem and providing end-to-end execution and advisory with hands-on operations to deliver the best solution to our clients. Our clients can count on us to be open, direct, and honest, as we hope to build the same sense of authenticity and transparency that we would have with our own family members.

A group of friends at a coffee shop_edit

Our Team Is Simply Great

Every company will boast about their resources, but we honestly believe we are not lying when we talk about the people that make up MBS. Our company has 90+ members from all aspects of expertise including tech, business, and design. Much effort was made in hiring every single person. The whole team shares the same vision to develop impactful digital products for our clients.


Efficient Service, Competitive Pricing

We provide clients with access to an entire team of professionals at an economical cost. We understand that clients want the best and most efficient service possible at the best possible price. Our service are proven, and we have delivered countless successful development cases.


We Do Not Outsource Our Work 

The development team is completely in-house. While other companies might outsource, our whole team is within the company and in the same building, allowing for easy collaboration and efficiency. The ensures that our products are high quality and we can respond to our clients' needs with speed.


We Can Work With Anyone

The staff at MBS comprises Thai and international experts. Whether you’re a local company or an international company trying to find the best way to work in the Thai market, we can help. Our clients span many countries and we have the experience to guide you to your true potential. So there is no need to worry about communication issues when you work with us.

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